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Curse of the Kin: Return to Jamaica

Curse of the Kin: Return to Jamaica

is a fantastic and comical story that follows a small family who have decided to take a cruise vacation. The first itenary stop is Falmouth in Jamaica, a small town in which Usain Bolt went to school. They get off to explore the town but unbeknown to them, they should never have. The excursion triggers a curse and a series of unbelievable events that they could never have been imagined and that bring them face to face with death. They can only triumph over their dilemma by undertaking a quest and the quest brings them in intimate contact with colorful characters that include ghosts (duppies in Jamaican), conmen, opportunists, a rastafarian, river spirits and demons to name a few. The story delves lightly into the history of Falmouth, a small introduction into aspects of Jamaican culture and a lesson in how to begin to speak and to understand the Jamaican language.

What will happen when the ship docks in Haiti?

The trilogy continues......................

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The Lying Little Rascals: Snip Snip Cutting Away

The Lying Little Rascals

are four siblings who are always up to no good. They annoy, tease and fight with each other and seldom get along.When major events happen in the house, that no one will own up to, they are all placed around a table and are made to write their account of what happened. The accounts all differ and the parents must determine, from reading all the stories, what is the truth and who should be punished. They say a story has three sides, but with these kids, it's more like four or five.

This first episode seeks to find out which of the rascals went about snip snipping and cutting away.

Who did it?

What will these kids be up to next?

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