Curse of the Kin: Return to Jamaica is a fantastic and comical story that follows a small family who have decided to take a cruise vacation. The first itenary stop is Falmouth in Jamaica, a small town in which Usain Bolt went to school. They get off to explore the town but unbeknown to them, they should never have. The excursion triggers a curse and a series of unbelievable events that they could never have been imagined and that bring them face to face with death. They can only triumph over their dilemma by undertaking a quest and the quest brings them in intimate contact with colorful characters that include ghosts (duppies in Jamaican), conmen, opportunists, a rastafarian, river spirits and demons to name a few. The story delves lightly into the history of Falmouth, a small introduction into aspects of Jamaican culture and a lesson in how to begin to speak and to understand the Jamaican language.

Match the following pictures to places or events in the novel

“After today son, if you escape death’s grip, you will be forced to believe in what you never thought possible.."

“Some of us madmen are on the street, but the worse ones are all dressed up like you,”
“Oh, he has much to learn, but there is no time. His summons has been written and it shall be served before the day is over.."
"Perhaps God told us to get off that ship Honey,” he added sarcastically. “Well, at least he would have told you, not me. I’m sure he knows by now that I don’t really believe in what I can’t really see"
“A cowboy. Been a long time since I’ve seen one of you. Catch one of them live ones let me see how good you are.."
“There’s no way that big lady is going to hold in that small ball...”
“We will begin today’s session with the matter at hand. Officer, demand of that child her name and particulars,” he ordered. “And order her to be quiet..."
“Remember to tell him about the white duppy roaming the place.."
“I came to get Andrew. He came in today on that big ship..”